The Revelatorium

The Revelatorium was everything I wanted to be true when I was in my late teens. It felt like it answered every question I had and was helping me to learn everything I wanted to know about the universe. I felt that it had an important message and that I should share it with whomever I could. At the time, the only other person I was able to share it with was my best friend. He took on his own enduring obsession with this book and we would have many conversations about it.

At one point I wanted to share it with my Mom. I thought she would benefit from it and was interested to hear what her thoughts might be on it. I asked her what she thought one day after I had told her about it and she just said “That book is wack.”

It was pretty painful at the time. This book was a huge part of my life and was the one thing giving me hope in the sea of depressing and confusing thoughts I was then trying to navigate. Her lack of any understanding of how I felt, or of how the obvious reason for me sharing something with her was because it meant a lot to me, hurt a lot.

I didn’t really know what to do with all the things I was learning. I sought out the Revelatorium after a confusing period of time in which I broke up with my first girlfriend and then started learning about the Law of Attraction.

My Mom had read the Secret and was talking about it a lot, so I decided to start reading it. I always felt that there was some truth to it, but I didn’t really believe in the way the author was portraying it. At the time I threw myself wholeheartedly into the idea. It somehow gave me a new confidence I didn’t have before. I was able to talk to more people and felt like I could do more things because I had a faith that I was able to attract the things I wanted into my life.

I had trouble with how the things people seemed to be focused on attracting in the book were mostly just material things and things that benefited themselves only. It seemed selfish. I also didn’t understand what the mechanism behind the law of attraction was or why something like that would exist. This curiosity would lead me to research many different topics in history and religion to try to uncover the answers to these questions.

At one point in my search I found a website called when I was trying to understand something about frequencies as they relate to the law of attraction. It fit everything into a framework that was not self-centered but was based all around being of love and service to God, which the book referred to as being both male and female, Alpha and Omega, the Creators.

At the time it seemed to be answering all my questions, and I felt that I had been drawn to it because it was what I needed to know. It seemed to represent the truth for me at that time. In the book it talks about how at the age of 17 or 18 there is a shift in consciousness that happens where you either accept the world as it is and become career focused or you are opened up to questions about consciousness and become someone focused on seeking the truth. I felt very much that I was the latter and that the book was describing exactly what I was going through. I was 17 when I first discovered the Revelatorium.

The basis for everything the Revelatorium talks about is the evolution of consciousness. As it says in Chapter 1, “Christ Consciousness is the key. Once you get the idea that Christ Consciousness is what it’s all about, you get the picture of everything that’s going on.” The book talks about how consciousness evolves through long cycles or dispensations in which certain laws or lessons are absorbed into the collective consciousness through the astrophysical frequencies, which is what the book explains the astrological signs actually signify. It talks about how the age of Aquarius, which began in the 60’s and is still continuing, was the beginning of a new age of consciousness evolution in which Christ teachings such as the Revelatorium and other revelations about the true nature of ourselves and the universe would begin to be absorbed into the collective consciousness.

This made sense to me then and even still makes sense to this day. When I think about watching movies made before the 60’s and after, the ones made before seem to reflect a much different type of consciousness. It seems the people were more opaque and the action not as true to life. Movies from the sixties to now seem to have much more awareness. The idea is that humans began thinking more in terms of consciousness rather than just in terms of concrete things.

What made the most sense to me was the book’s explanation of the fall and of reincarnation. The fall was the migration of beings from the 5th dimension to the 3rd dimension. Lucifer was a being in charge of the 5th dimensional region of solar systems where earth resides. He made a plan to utilize an aspect of this universe’s energy called the overplus to create his own universe in the 3rd dimension which was not based on service to the creators but entirely based around self-will. The plan initially worked for a while until it began to devolve and Christ had to fight a literal war against the Luciferians called Armageddon to free the souls that had been trapped in the 3rd dimensional self-will universe and separated from the creators. He then was able to incarnate into Earth to prove that the human body could complete the process of transfiguration into 5th dimensional substance, which all humans on earth will eventually have to learn to do to be able to return to their place of origin.

The book also explains how a lot of the people incarnating into earth are reptilians who were part of the rebellion and are being offered a chance to realign themselves back to the Creators to be able to incarnate back into the 5th dimension. This group first began incarnating during the time of Atlantis, then during the time of Rome, and has been incarnating again into the Earth timeline during this time of the American empire.

All of these claims intuitively made a lot of sense to me. It felt intuitively right that I came from the rebellion from the fact that I was so drawn to this information and to things like Star Wars. The Revelatorium also mentions a book which was written in the 1800’s that gives a good picture of what life was like in Atlantis, called A Dweller on Two Planets. The author claims the information was channeled to him by someone who had lived in Atlantis. That book resonated very deeply with me and was another reason why the Revelatorium’s claims make sense to me. My Mom had even said multiple times she thinks she is a reptilian, based on whatever corners of the internet she visits.

The founding of America also made more sense to me after reading the Revelatorium. The Revelatorium explains how each state is representative of a particular frequency of consciousness. I’ve always had a difficult time accepting how the reason we are all here in America is because the colonists took over land that wasn’t theirs and banished and murdered most of its original inhabitants. But from the Revelatorium it made sense to put it in the context of a group of very deviated souls who were again incarnating into the earth plane to likely make many of the same mistakes they made in the past while being offered a chance to try to absolve themselves.

Another important point of the book is its interpretation of the biblical chapter which is its namesake, Revelations. Its description of the Revelation monster stood out to me as being a very understandable interpretation. It depicts the parts of the beast as representing the conditions of the world at this time. He explains how it has the nature of a beast because many different types of conscious beings who had tampered with negative frequencies in the rebellion and were now going to be incarnating into Earth for a chance at redemption were also going to be under the influence of the frequencies of the animal nature and thus the condition of their consciousness would be bestial rather than spiritual. The beast represented the collective conditions of those beings rising up out of the sea of consciousness at this time.

“On the other hand, from out of the mouth of the Lion has passed the English language into every corner of the World. English is a fifth dimensional language, with a version prepared in the Melchizedek Worlds into a special third dimensional format as a means for allowing the higher dimensional aspects of reality to be safely sequestered into Earth’s outer third dimensional lower consciousnesses awareness in preparation for the higher vibrational understandings of the Great Book starting to come in now.

Similarly, the feet of the bear walks [represents?] a vast Russian landscape. The spots of a leopard are the multi-faceted countries of Europe. The consciousnesses now located in each of the various parts of Europe are not the same, even markedly different, even when only a mile apart such as Germany and France.

The mystical symbol of the Adamics is the dragon. As the current root race, the planet belongs to the Adamics which gives them their great seat of authority. The dragon powers the beast because the Adamics being evolutionary are not yet Christ aligned, and in their current third dimensional condition are still hard wired somewhat to the bestial side of their lower third dimensional outer consciousness continuities.”

The book explains that the Adamic root race is what we know as the Asian races. This also made sense since the dragon is an important symbol in Chinese culture. They were originally meant to begin their evolution in the 5th dimension, which is where soul atoms are meant to begin their evolutions according to the Revelatorium. They have since been relegated to the 3rd dimension by the Luciferians and continue to suffer the backlashes of that rebellion which they had nothing to do with.

For some reason these things made a lot of sense to me. It gave me a way of understanding the huge separation between the types of cultures of Asia versus America and the way in which America has tried to dominate the world. I think the difficulty for someone like my Mom was that the language used in the Revelatorium can be very difficult to follow as it is about something not based in this dimension and also the fact that she is very career focused and not actively seeking any type of explanation for the way things are. I think for anyone who is seeking a better understanding of consciousness or what is happening on earth could benefit from the Revelatorium if they feel aligned with it. But in my older years I don’t feel as convinced as I used to that it is the truth.

The one other significant topic in the Revelatorium that I still think has relevance is the claims it makes about sex. The Revelatorium refers to SEX as the Substance/Energy/X-Factor.

In the main part of the Revelatorium, the book describes the Creators as representing a trinity which is the basis for consciousness and the universe. Alpha is the Father and represents the quality of Intelligence. Omega is the Mother and represents the quality of Substance. Together their interaction begets the only begotten son/daughter which has the quality of Energy.

The issue in our third dimensional state is that we are in a local universe where the quality of intelligence dominates the other two aspects. There are several types of universes which all have different levels of these aspects. The book refers to this as an X-Factor, because this bias towards intelligence is not present anywhere else in creation, and its effects are not fully understood. This X-Factor meant that in the third dimension, humans could engage in sex simply through their intelligence (thought) without it being balanced by substance (feelings). This meant lustful sex encounters and also the ability to stimulate the frequencies of sex through masturbation and by sexual thoughts. The frequencies of sex, which are a part of the astrophysical frequency of Scorpio, centered in the genitals, are only meant to be used for regeneration and rejuvenation. This means only engaging in sex to create offspring or to dissolve static and rejuvenate the body. Ejaculation is only necessary when trying to have children. For proper rejuvenating sex no ejaculation is required. The seminal fluids are meant to be preserved in the male so that they move up the spine to eventually rise to the pineal gland, where there is an induction center that receives rejuvenative energies, the Manna of heaven.

“The proper non procreative action of an organism is to dissolve static through the balance of the male/female polarities between you and your partner within the action. Which is particularly appropriate to the female responses, whose proper responsibility in a consummation is to dissolve the static in both parties. The proper responsibility of the male in a consummation is to help deliver the responses. In a proper consummation, the female draws the male into her responses so they become shared. Males have no need to externalize except for purposes of regeneration.” Revelatorium Starrgram 9

The Revelatorium stresses the problem of Carnal attraction and the static that it generates through the imbalance of these frequencies. For this reason I focused a lot of my energy on eliminating carnal desire completely and refraining from any masturbation and or sex.

Years later I looked back to this chapter and realized I had fixated on the need to either find my soul mate or refrain from sex completely, even though the book doesn’t actually recommend this. In Stargram 9 it says, “In a proper non-regenerative sexual experience, the action of the organism is to dissolve static. If you are in a loving relationship this does happen. If you are in a lustful encounter most of the static is spewed out through your rods in a chaotic fashion and even more static is generated in its wake.”

I think it taught me to recognize that a lot of the shame we internalize around sex can go unnoticed because we justify our decisions in our mind by the way we interpret religion. My own interpretation of the Revelatorium was ignoring the fact that I could have a sexual relationship if I wanted to with anyone. It didn’t have to be a soul mate. My own unconscious fears and shame were preventing me from clearly seeing or understanding my situation and what I was reading.

I think my fear at the time was that I wasn’t allowed to have sex. After breaking up with my first girlfriend, we eventually did try getting back together. There was a day when I was holding her in front of me with my arms around her front and I started to have an erection. It was the first time I had noticed that with her. It made me realize this was not just innocent love anymore but was leading toward sex, which I had the feeling I wasn’t allowed to even think about at the time. It felt like I was entering an adult zone that I wasn’t supposed to go into. This unconscious fear was most likely influenced by some type of shame around sex being absorbed from my parents or from the church I was in. This unconscious fear and shame was coloring and distorting what I was getting out of the Revelatorium.

I think this misinterpretation of religion is another strong point of the Revelatorium. The Revelatorium’s focus on the Father, Mother, and Only Begotten Son/Daughter as opposed to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost speaks to the overemphasis our culture places on the Male and the male-associated thought processes. We have an extreme bias toward logic and rationality over intuition. This makes the Revelatorium’s claim about the imbalance of intelligence in this universe make sense. Our habit to focus only on intelligence and not the prompting of our feelings and intuition, the substance side of ourselves, is what causes us to act in ways that are harmful to ourselves and others.

The Revelatorium views communism and capitalism as spiritual principles which “went of the mark.” It says of communism, “The state was made the sole center of all public, political, and individual activities. Envision instead a society in which Christ is the center and Christ greater good the goal. Some such do exist. The Amish, Hutterite, Mennonites and similar cultures are cases in point. They unfortunately limit themselves by adhering to practices based on frozen interpretations of the past rather than on the expanding enlightenments of today.”

I think this is an interesting and important point. It makes sense for the sharing of property in common to be a spiritual practice. This has been the practice of many monasteries throughout history. When the basis is a real community centered around love and service to eachother and not the state, this can be a transformative way of living. It also makes sense that these could be seen as new ways of interacting and viewing social relations being downloaded in consciousness to help us navigate the changing technological environment we are living in.

Though I was excited about the new cosmology I was learning about, there were certain things that I couldn’t entirely fit into the framework I was building. I wasn’t convinced that Jesus was a literal person or that he needed to be since the story of his life was meant to be symbolic. From watching things like Zeitgeist and reading at least parts of the Golden Bough, I was aware of the interpretations of Jesus as symbolic of the cycles of the sun rather than as an actual person. He was born supposedly on December 25th, around the beginning of winter when the sun begins being born in the year as it is the time of the shortest days, or the most darkness, before the sun begins to grow in its daily duration. As the sun “dies” to winter it also is perceived in the Northern hemisphere to move further south. On December 22nd it stops its descent towards the south and remains for three days close to the constellation of the southern cross. Then on December 25th the sun finally begins to move north. These are all symbolically represented by the death on the cross and his resurrection three days later. His death and resurrection is also celebrated at the time of the spring equinox, the literal seasonal equivalent of the earth’s rebirth, when the sun has conquered darkness and days begin to become longer than the nights. The 12 apostles correspond to the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 4 saints of the gospels correspond to the 4 fixed signs which represent the beginnings of the 4 seasons. This is why their symbols are a bull for Taurus (Spring), a lion for Leo (Summer), an Eagle for Scorpio (Fall), and a man for Aquarius (Winter). Many of the elements of Jesus’s story were exact echoes of other religions from around the world and throughout history, such as the myth of Horus, who was also born on December 25th, had 12 disciples, and also died and was resurrected after 3 days. These facts made me doubt the veracity of the biblical story as fact, but also made it more interesting and relevant to interpret it for its deeper meanings and connections to astrology. From my experience I have not felt as much connection to Jesus as a person as I have to the Buddhist conceptions of Buddha nature and no-self.

Another factor that caused me to be more questioning of the Revelatorium was meeting the author, Delanovahh Starr-Livingstone. In 2011 I sent him an email to see if I could meet with him to learn more about the Revelatorium. I had emailed him before asking him questions. From reading the Revelatorium I was convinced that he had very advanced occult powers that I could only guess at. After meeting him in person I was not as convinced.

My best friend and I went on a road trip all the way to Ottawa to meet him. We ate at a Chinese food restaurant, where he talked very animatedly about all aspects of the Revelatorium and how he wrote it. At one point he said to my friend, who is tall and black, that he was the reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix. This was the first statement I heard that made me question his powers of perception. The second was when I asked him about being vegetarian. He said that members of his group would eat whatever they wanted and often had huge feasts. This seemed to contradict one of the chapters in the Revelatorium that talks about the animal kingdom living being sustained by the plant kingdom.

Still, I find him a fascinating person and enjoy his stories about how the Revelatorium came about. He said he first learned about the types of knowledge that would become the Revelatorium through a group called the Grand Ethereal Order of Melchizidek of Alpha and Omega. It was supposed to be a Christ Melchizidek teaching that would gather individuals from around the world to come and learn these teachings as an elect group and spread the teachings to the rest of the world. He said there were supposed to be thousands of them, but that they only ended up with a small group of several hippies. The group was initiated by a man named David Livingstone who claimed to have a walk-in Melchizidek consciousness. This meant he had a being who was a part of the same order that Jesus was a part of who entered into his consciousness to communicate teachings to him. Delanovahh doesn’t claim to have had any type of walk-in experience, but asserts that the teachings are “on the Christ table as is.” They are gathered from the G. E. O. M of Alpha and Omega group with many additions based on lucid dreaming experiences which he claims have intuitively led him to additional information or details which can come in suddenly as downloads of information. The original teachings only lasted from 1971-1976 and only covered certain topics, including the Luciferian rebellion and the cosmic overplus.

After the group disbanded he would spend 20 years not really involved in any types of teachings. It wasn’t until 1998 that he began writing the Revelatorium and sharing the information on his website.

I was glad I got the chance to meet him. I do feel that he has a good energy and that the overall message of his teaching is important. It stresses taking on responsibility and learning the lessons you need to learn in life while serving the creation and the creators, for the greatest good for the greatest number. It stresses the need to translate our misconceptions about reality and consciousness into what they actually are on the other side of the veil. This is a form of prayer that involves holding in your consciousness something 3rd dimensionally based, like a person who has a grudge against you, and recognizing what they really are in consciousness, which is a soul atom expression of Alpha and Omega whose purpose on Earth is to discover their true nature and be of love and service to the creation. I don’t know if I still believe in all of the claims of the book, but it is something I am still fascinated by and interested in figuring out. I think the most important aspect is still the understanding it gave me of the importance of the balance of the male and female aspects within the self, in any type of activity or thought process but especially in regard to sex.

A lot of what the Revelatorium says is similar to other New Age spiritual texts. It is also similar in nature to the Gnostic texts, which were continuations of scripture outside of the Bible. They believed that revelation was an ongoing process and continued to write with the conviction that there were more teachings continually being revealed. This is similar to the process of Delanovahh continuing the initial teachings and downloading information through lucid dreaming. The Revelatorium also mentions that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’s soul mate, which is supported by her prominence in the Gnostic texts.

I think this part of the Revelatorium from Chapter 4 summarizes what is most important and resonates most with what I have experienced.

“Christ always answers to the greater good, never to the benefit of self. The very definition of love and service.

Most importantly, your motive for doing the right thing has to be from you wanting to do it and not just from thinking it has to be done. Or worse that a stairway to Heaven will be your reward. If you have no real desire there can be no real result because there will be no real Energy because your Intelligence and Substance will not have been properly brought forward in a proper balance of Will and Desire.

The tug and pull you feel in your heart during indecision, is through the reverse polarity of your knowing what should be done in Reality but wanting to do it the easy way instead. Guilty conscience comes from the vacuum of not equalizing an inner request from your higher Christ Soul Atom Self with an outer action of the same frequency.”

This is the lesson I am constantly learning. How to actually do what feels right in my heart.

The Revelatorium is a complicated book. It may create more questions than answers. The author explains that the book does not counteract any of the information from the Bible but only expands on and clarifies things, and recommends that anyone trying to dispute its claims read the book from beginning to end before coming to a conclusion. I think there is enough reason to believe in an evolution of consciousness and this book has given me a framework through which to understand this evolution. It has been a major part of my life and my process of trying to understand the nature of consciousness and what my responsibilities are in this reality. As with all the other things I write about, I don’t point it out as claiming that it is true, but only point it out as a way of trying to unlearn the assumptions we have been led to believe about life and a way to see through delusion. As the author points out, the Revelatorium is anything but a religious tome. It is a way to tear apart the fixed religious dogma of the church and point toward an understanding of spirituality from the point of view of the primacy of consciousness, centered not only in ideas and abstractions but in heart-felt action to be of love and service. Even if you disregard most of its fantastic claims, I think these attributes of wanting to understand consciousness and being of love and service to others are its greatest takeaways for me, and are why I will continue to think about this book and how it has affected me, and encourage others who are seeking to understand the mystery of consciousness to consider the teachings offered in it.




The Revelatorium

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